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Pastor Frank Wood

From the very start of my ministry I have desired to bring lost people to salvation and to help them to grow in spiritual maturity.  This desire or "Philosophy of Ministry" has influenced my teaching and preaching as well as the programs and activities that we have used in the ministry.  Over the years The Lord has raised up a good number of faithful, mature, Christian men and women of all ages in the church.  Many of these have been saved through this ministry, and others were saved before they came into our church.  As Pastor, I am thankful for each one and for the part they have in the ministry of Whittier Lane Baptist Church.

I would like to invite you to visit our services, and to get to know our people.  (If you live in the area, you probably already know some of them).  My prayer is that God will use the teaching and the preaching as well as the music and the fellowship to be a blessing to your life.  If you do not know the Lord as your personal Saviour, we would like to introduce you to Him.  If you do know Him, then we would like to help you to grow in your personal walk with the Lord and in your service to Him.

Pastor Frank Wood
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